54 inch WIDE plotter paper

54 inch Wide-Format Plotter Paper gives away the width of a plotter paper roll or sheet for 54 plotter paper would be the same – it means 54 inches wide on plotter paper side. Therefore, 54 wide plotter paper or 54 plotter paper. Thing is where would you put a 54 inch wide poster?  It would be a poster.   There are banners that range 54 inches wide paper usually a roll is used – it is most popular when CMYK printing.

Yes, it is true – sizes in plotting are going up, up and up. Plotter quality is improving, with resolutions of 600 dpi standard, and 1200 by 600
dots per inch being readily available.  There are also plotters designed specifically for design-shop work, with fast through-put and multiple inks instead of the standard four for CMYK printing (which is fine for most needs.). Plotter widths extend to 54 inch es, with 42 inches becoming more and more popular.

What is CMYK? …….  you think you have it?  ……. ok I will answer this on the next post…..and I have still larger width plotting paper to make note of – so I am making my next post now 🙂

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